Since 1994, our call center services have provided reassurance and reliability to hundreds of companies, through a large-scale 24-hour contact center handling customer inquiries, order fulfillment, help desk services, e-mail reply, public services, and emergency response.

Contact center

Through our 24-hour contact center, JMS-United(JMS) accommodates a wide variety of customer needs, including customer inquiries, order fulfillment, help desk services, e-mail reply, and emergency response.

Industries and services

  • Customer surveys
  • Quality studies
  • Election polling
  • Product promotion, appointment management
  • List editing and screening
  • User guides for international calling services (IVR service)
  • User support for international SMS service (in English)
  • Promotion of international call services, wireless terminals, etc.
  • Customer service center for handling of inquiries, repair, complaints, etc.
  • Technical support center
  • Online contact center for e-mail and social networking service inquiries
  • Recall services
  • Order fulfillment
  • Customer service center for inquiries, repair, etc.
  • Technical support center
Public services
  • Telephone directory assistance
  • Concierge services
  • National pension information center
Lifestyle support
  • Customer service center
  • Emergency response
  • Requests for plumbing, lock work, window repair, etc.
  • Theme park information centers
  • Mortgage payment notice and collection
  • Address tracking
  • IR information center
  • Corporate telephone reception services

Administrative service (BPO)

JMS-United(JMS) offers a wide range of BPO services tailored to the operational needs of each client.

  • Inquiry handling
  • Data entry
  • Account management
  • Administrative operations (fax, e-mail, postcards, online applications)
  • Shipment
  • Promotional campaign administration
  • Sales campaign management

Recruiting services

JMS-United(JMS) boasts a strong, qualified personnel prepared to meet the various needs of our clients. All personnel are carefully screened and trained in accordance with position requirements. We cater swiftly to all forms of recruitment, from temporary employment to permanent staffing.